2018 – Bookings going well! Looking forward to seeing you all again this year.

2018 – Bookings going well! Looking forward to seeing you all again this year.

It was a busy Christmas and New-Year and as usual we decorated inside and outside of the cottages for our guests. Each one had its own Christmas Tree and chocolate treats for the children. We were full for both Christmas and New-Year, then had a short breather and guests again in early January. 

We went of to S’Agaro for much of January, (see the page on our website, wonderful Costa Brava location). And came back to Graston Farm refreshed and ready for half-term and an early Easter.

Graston Christmas.jpg

Bookings for our cottages are going well, and we have some lovely friends returning once again. In a month we will be feeding lambs again and our calves are coming on nicely too. Andrew gets a regular audience for feeding times! And the ‘Mabels” continue to lay despite the short days.


Cows 1.jpg

The Mabels!!

The Mabels!!

We have one sadness to share with our regular visitors, tragically Cassie was run over and killed just before Christmas and just short of her 3rd birthday. She was walking with a neighbour and a 4×4 – the driver of which thought she was out of the way – ran back over her. She didn’t suffer and died instantly – but we miss her so much!!!


God bless Cassie - we miss you!

God bless Cassie – we miss you!

Dippy the Dinosaur

Dippy the dinosaur is visiting Dorset and can be found at Dorchester museum. We also have a replica ‘skull’ in Bridport Museum. Come and see the sort of beasts that lived here on Dorset’s Jurassic before the Baileys came along! 

Dippy the Dinosaur 2016-11-16 09.39.52.png

So don’t miss a minute of Graston Farm this year!!