Summer is well underway!

Summer is well underway!

Cassie writes ………

‘ Well we have loads of visitors at Graston Farm at present, with  cottages, caravans and the B&B busy this week. We have had some smashing guests, particularly those with doggies – or who take a special shine to me!!!

Last week it was the Norris’s whose big dog Jed became a special friend. Here we are playing in the caravan paddock! Sally Ann and Stuart, Jed’s parents also brought me TREATS! Woof Woof!

Then Jed showed me his travelling arrangements – very posh with his own air conditioning. He let me spend some time in there with him

Toby, Martha and Cassie.jpg

Then this week Martha brought her family to visit me too. She was great and took me for walks. She had two brothers Toby and Richard and they spoilt me rotten! 

Now a whole new lot of guests have arrived and they are slowly getting used to the fact that I sometimes tag along on walks and pop-into their caravans and gardens. For some reason I had to be brought home this morning in a very smart van from the leisure park next door,I have no idea why – I know my way home perfectly! Hey Ho! I never get tired of meeting new people!