Things to do on the farm

Graston is still very much a working farm, which means there’s always something happening at just about any time of year.  Andrew is happy to show people most things that are going on, so if you or your children are interested to see what he’s up to, just ask.

There’s loads of other things to explore throughout the year, especially down at the river Bride, a perfect spot for a game of Pooh Sticks or Hide and Seek.  And being a Jack Russell puppy, Piglet never tires of being taken for a walk, should you want to ‘borrow’ her for a short while.

The cottages’ gardens all have plenty of space for lazing around or playing outside, and if you are looking for a game of boules or French cricket, there’s a lovely open grassed area set aside for play and relaxation.  And if it is raining (or not) we’ve recently converted an old cowshed into a new games room, with table tennis, a pool table and more.