Piglet……Our new puppy!

Piglet……Our new puppy!

Piglet 2.jpg

Some of our regular visitors might be aware that last December (before her 3rd birthday) our puppy Cassie was run over and sadly died. She was a precious little dog, well loved of our visitors children and a very happy little soul. Andrew and I were lost without her. Eventually we realised that we actually NEEDED another dog not only to fill the void left by Cassie, but because essentially we are dog lovers, and felt quite lost without one.

So welcome PIGLET! She came to us in May and in just two short months has made herself very much at home! Our visitors and their children love her already – even though she has very puppyish ways (including sharpish claws and a love of biting still). She is very sociable and loves other dogs. We are awaiting a new device to fit on her collar so that we can monitor her whereabouts at all times, since she has the ‘wonderlust’ that all our Jack Russell dogs have had.

The season is well underway and already we have met many guests with whom we have made friends, together with seeing many old friends also. All of the cottages were painted throughout over the winter and Andrew continues to tend the individual cottage gardens despite the problem with water this early summer. (He walks miles with a watering can)! 

Luckily we have a full-house for August and quite a bit of September, but if you fancy an autumn break there are still plenty of cottage slots available. Dorset is wonderful in the autumn, less crowded and the pace of life slows a bit, perfect antidote for the stress of modern life. Here you can relax, unwind and explore the beautiful coast and countryside.

We hope to see you soon!