Whoosh! There goes my hat!

Whoosh! There goes my hat!

Amazing, spectacular, exhilarating, dramatic, all words that apply to the weather today in West Dorset – and a lot of the rest of the country too I think.

I took a walk to get some photographs of the sea at the Hive beach, and could not actually stand up for long enough to get really good shots. The wind was everywhere. No one direction, and completely unpredictable. But my word it was a real experience!

The best shot I got is today’s thumbnail, it was taken in the lee of the Hive Beach Cafe, which was wearing additional supports against the wind today. All around were extra ‘ties’ to keep the extension upright agains the elements.

Not a sole on the terrace – you can see from the photograph, but all inside with their hot chocolate! However there were lots of people like me trying to capture the moment with their cameras, phones etc., and a couple of brave dogs too taking the advantage of having the beach to themselves.

We are now fully booked for Easter, and at half-term only one cottage, which sleeps 6 remains. We are also getting a brisk demand for the summer months. Despite the weather the spring bulbs and plants are showing their heads, and the whole place looks great! Can’t wait to welcome you!

Oops lost my hat again!