Piles of Stones!

Piles of Stones!

Although the weather today is pretty dreadful we have had some really beautiful sunny days, cold and crisp and just right for a walk on the beach with Cassie. Last weeks guests were really quite fortunate, given that they really liked walking, and got to cover many areas along the coastal path. 

On beach walks it is virtually impossible to avoid piles of stones, the like of which we have as our Graston Farm Cottages LOGO. I took this picture last week and was amazed how many other opportunities there were to capture what is an iconic symbol around here. People are just drawn to pile up stones of ever decreasing sizes, and then leaving them behind as a legacy of their visit.

Look on-line and there are all sorts of explanations for the building of ‘Cairns’ from markers of burial plots, to zen symbols, to showing evidence of having ‘been’! It does seem to be a human habit to pile them up and leave them for others to find and muse over. It is not restricted to UK, but seen all over the world, and in some place banned – as being harmful to the earth!

Meanwhile back here at Graston Farm, the cottage bookings are brisk and showing real promise for a busy spring/summer season. There are however some periods when placing a booking could attract a significant discount and make great value for an autumn break, or pre-christmas treat! Just enquire – we are more than happy to discuss your individual needs, and even more eager to meet them. This is evidenced by so many ‘returners’ in this year’s bookings.

So – if its groups, families, clubs (walking, bird watching, cycling), the wheelchair user, or dog walkers, give us a try! The beautiful Jurassic Coast awaits you – Oh! and many piles of stones!