Cassie’s Christmas!

Cassie’s Christmas!

Well I have had an AMAZING Christmas. So many people have been here at Graston Farm, I hardly know where to begin. Firstly I got loads of presents from someone called ‘Father Christmas’. Now this is curious. A few days before Christmas Day a Tree suddenly arrived at our house (and in all of the cottages too) and Andrew brought it INDOORS! Chrissie started to put odd things (nice and shiny) all over it and then a whole load of packages were put underneath it.

I was banned from the Drawing room!

Then on Christmas morning, the wood burner was lit, we went in to the Drawing room (even I was allowed) and we started ripping open all of the packages stored under the tree.

I was given a MASSIVE ham bone, and a soft toy (long since gone a bit straggly – they are so good to chew!). I have been chewing away at these two items for several days. Lots of people came into our house for ‘drinks’ – needless to say there wasn’t a bowl of water for me in the Drawing room, and nibbles – I continued with my ham bone.

After a few more days had passed, lots of families arrived at our cottages for the ‘New-Year’. And this is where it gets good for me, they had dogs and children! But also my humans’ children and grandchildren came to stay who seem to love to play with me endlessly – Great!

Another session around the tree produced a new rug for me which is placed beside our cooking stove, and more soft toys. The humans had loads of presents, most of which seemed to be for wearing or eating!

On the night of new-year, I got a bit of a shock when my humans let-off a lot of what they call ‘fireworks’. Chrissie had taken me for a walk – shortly before midnight and popped me into my bed, closing the door behind her, but later someone came into my boot room and left the door open! Suddenly some really big bang came and caused me to jump right out of my fur! Then more eating and drinking for the the humans and a very late night for me.

Today had been a real adventure! The humans set of to go to somewhere called the Symondsbury Estate. I wasn’t allowed to go, however my usual tactic of getting under the car wheels meant someone had to get out to investigate whether I was safe or not. Well I was straight into the care with Chrissie and the Grandchildren. They gave in and took me with them, fashioning a lead out  some rope in the back of the (now very hairy and muddy) car.

When we got to Symondsbury we walked around the place, which was dull and mostly closed, when we came across two English Bull Terriers. They were growly and started to shout at me, but one actually jumped over the wall to his garden – and set about me in a very unpleasant way. Luckily Jenny, my step sister saved the day, whilst Paul my step brother-in-law spun me around on the rope/lead, she shouted at the dog – we learnt it was called Norman! and the owner came to retrieve it. Phew – not pleasant, and somehow I kept thinking on the way home, how if I hadn’t insisted on going with them – it might not have happened! Hey Ho!

So now we are home, some of the ‘new-year’ families are leaving and my humans’ relatives have left too, its almost back to normal. The Tree is still there however, no packages let though! Except ……….. let me see – there is just one  – and it says it is for ME!