Looking forward to Spring time!

Looking forward to Spring time!

Here at Graston Farm Cottages we have had some lovely families to stay during the period after Christmas, and last week for half-term we were full to the gunnels! All of the families we have had staying have found loads to do in West Dorset, and most have been sad to leave after their break with us. Cassie remains a real favourite with the children – and a good many adults too. Last week we looked everywhere for her, she does like to join people for a walk – even people just walking on the farm tracks – so we thought she had gone for a stroll. However, on further investigation, she was curled up in Cobbles Cottage with the little family staying there!! 

We have early signs of Spring showing here on the Farm, with Daffodils and Snowdrops all over the place. We have had very little real winter weather – we often come of lightly here on the coast – however we feel a little nervous that we might get a late ‘snap’. Never mind all of the cottages have cosy wood burning stoves and are fully heated by our Biomas boiler, so always cosy inside.

We have been doing some work on Barn Cottage, new bathroom, kitchen and carpets etc. To our surprise and delight our builders discovered a WELL in the front garden, in front of the cottage. It seems to be very deep, so we have been building up the sides and will install a safety grid on the top. But now it is found its definitely staying!

So! we are looking forward to our spring and summer guests, to welcoming some new spring lambs into the paddock and generally having a fun time!

Well at Barn Cottage

Cassie on the top!