Christmas comes to Graston Farm!

Christmas comes to Graston Farm!

One night last week, Andrew was missing for quite a while, and whilst I knew he was on the farm somewhere, I was curious to know quite what he was up to. I was busily baking in the kitchen and forgot about him for a while, then went in search ……….

What did I find? Fairy land! 

Unbeknown to me he had the outdoor areas of the cottages festooned in about 50 metres of beautiful monotone lights. And it was instantly Christmas!

Meanwhile back on planet Earth Cassie continues to destroy shoes (usually mine) at a rate quite spectacular (and always only one of a pair!). She is also curious about the pile of presents growing on the dining room table awaiting wrapping paper, goodness only knows what she’ll make of a Christmas Tree?

So the final push is on for Christmas preparations. We are practising two Carols for the Village Carol Service on the 20th, and this Friday sees our annual Christingle service for the little ones, followed by a bun fight in the WI hall. Happy days!