Hopscotch now even more accessible for wheelchairs!

Hopscotch now even more accessible for wheelchairs!

We had some really good friends over recently, and since the wife of the couple was in a wheelchair at the time, we asked if she minded ‘trying out’ our wheelchair access cottage, for ease of use. Well it was a good move, since she found all aspects of the cottage easy to use with one quite important exception, the wet room.

This is where it is really important to check out HOW one’s facilities work in practice, since although the doorway was plenty wide enough for entry and exit into the wet room using a wheelchair, in practice, the angle of the doorway made it a challenge to manoeuvre. 

So! this week our lovely builders have been back on site to address this issue. And the solution actually improves the whole look and effectiveness of the way the wheelchair user will find these facilities. 

I’ll post a photo soon, once the new plaster has been painted and the whole area finished, but suffice to say that by making the doorway to the wet room oblique instead of square to the bedroom, more space has been created in both rooms! Aesthetically it is more pleasing too!

Meanwhile with so much rain its good that the cattle are now under shelter in the barns, thus reducing the amount of mud on the roads and paths. Andrew has planted all of the flower tubs with bulbs for the spring, and because it has been so warm, continues to mow the cottage gardens – well into November!

We have started to gather the Christmas decorations for the cottages together, and looking at how we can make them all cosy and homely for the festive season. There is still time to book your Christmas break with us here at Graston Farm, and be part of our special Christmas ‘at home’ in the Farmhouse.

Meanwhile Cassie is fed up with the rain and spends a lot of time thinking up ways to pester us into taking her for walks. I also see she has been updating her Facebook page with a general moan about her outdoor doggy shower!