I’m Bored!

I’m Bored!

With the ‘season’ (thats what Andrew and Chrissie call it) drawing to a close, I’m afraid life has got a little bit boring. All of the great children who visited over the last month have gone home (some to places like Australia, New Zealand and Canada) and I only have Chrissie and Andrew to play with now. There are visitors still in our cottages, and they seem really happy, but they don’t have children. Still a few have nice little doggies – so not all bad!

Chrissie says that you should check out the Literary Festival coming up in Bridport (www.bridlit.com) in November – some really great authors and celebs are coming to talk about their books? (I personally find books very tasty!) We apparently have room for extra guests that week if you are tempted.

With it being autumn the days don’t seem to last so long, and everything feels a bit busy, the farmer is working a lot with harvest and moving animals around the place. 

We are still looking after calves, hens and lambs and a good supply of eggs is still forthcoming from ‘The Mables’. I guess I’d better get used to a quieter life for a while, however, A&C keep mentioning something called half-term, sounds hopeful to me!

Happy days – must roll over now!