Such a lovely late spring/early summer day

Such a lovely late spring/early summer day

Cassie and I have been walking before lunch and had the most lovely time. The meadow flowers are so vibrant and plentiful, and there are loads of butterflies down by the riverside. The pheasants are everywhere and we detect a new brood by the silage pit on the farm. Also ducks are protecting ducklings on the lagoon. 

The ‘Mables’ are laying well, there are 10 hens and yesterday they rewarded us with 10 eggs. Children visiting the farm like to go and help Andrew collect them, and also get involved with feeding the lambs and calves.

Last weekend we had visitors in all four cottages who had met at university some years ago. The layout of the cottages and their proximity to each other meant that the guests could gather for meals and leisure, but also find their own space for quiet times. In all we had 13 children staying, across the four cottages, although despite pretty poor weather they managed to find things to amuse themselves. They all enjoyed the Burton Bradstock Food Festival which is held annually on the Hive Beach, and also treated themselves to lovely meals at the Anchor and the Hive Beach Cafe.

One of the wonderful things about this part of the world is that there is literally no light pollution. We are about a mile from the village of Burton Bradstock, a village with no street lights, so when the skies are clear at night views of the stars are quite amazing. Apart from lambs bleating and farmers going about their work, there is very little noise also, so its a perfect place to seeks some peace and quiet. 

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